My Fav 5–Target Window Shopping

Guess what day it is!?  IT IS FRIDAY!!  Today, I am back with the latest things I am digging from Target.  Normally, I try to avoid Target like it is the flu or else my wallet will be hurting, but I couldn’t resist…  I had to stop by to check out dang Nate Berkus and his dang spring line…  That is what we call a rocking Friday night at my house!

Target Window Shopping

Top: I am in LOVE with this Nate Berkus Gold Leaf Tray.  In fact, I went to Target for the sole purpose of buying this bad boy, but alas, it was too big for the space I wanted it for.  But someone really needs this golden leaf at their house so I can come visit him!  Center:  I love this Ikat Lampshade….  So much so, I am trying to think of a way to convince my husband we need a new lampshade, which would consequently make us need a new lamp base.  When I think of the perfect plot, I will let you know!  Bottom Left:  Instead of the gold leaf, I brought home this Nate Berkus Gold Dipped Bowl.  It has two trends:  gold and color blocking.  Who wouldn’t love it besides my husband!?  And it was the perfect size for what I wanted (It is now our mail bowl to put the mail into before I sort it).  Bottom Middle:  This Nate Berkus Nepal Chevron Bedding is too fun.  And of course, I love any graphic pattern, especially chevron!  This would look great in someone’s bedroom with moody grey walls.  Bottom Right:  And like everything else on the list, I love this basket.  We have one and it is just the perfect basket to store soo much in, since it is pretty large in size.  Seriously, pick this thing up and then you can find something to organize to go in it.

Have you checked out Target’s new spring stuff or Nate Berkus’ Spring Line?  Do you have to go straight to a Target store once you hear Nate Berkus has released another line?  On a side note, did you know Jonathon Adler is coming up with a line a JC Penny?  This girl will also have to rush there the day it comes out to drool ogle over.


I’m a Succa for Succulents

A couple of years ago, I was at a flea market buying stuff for our upcoming wedding.  However, my purchase wasn’t big enough to use my debit card, so I decided to buy a terrarium.  I was eyeing it but decided against and when my total was not enough, I decided it was a sign, so I bought it.  Previously, we had it filled with candles.


I did not particularly like it, so I decided to make it into a terrarium with succulents.  I picked up two succulents from a nursery in town.


I let them sit and sit while I waited for the river rocks to go on sale at Hob Lob.  Apparently, the river rocks keep the roots from rotting.  Well, the rocks never went on sale, so I had to go everyday after work and buy one bag at a time with their 40% off coupon.  Yes, I am that cheap frugal.

River Rocks

I used three bags of these 3lb bags of small river rocks from Hob Lob.  Since no one would be able to tell the level of rocks in the center once I covered it with soil, I pushed a majority of the rocks to the outside of the terrarium, so the rock level looked higher than it actual was.  In hind sight, I should have used more rocks.

Terrarium with Rocks

Then, I poured the soil into the terrarium.


And finally, I planted the succulents.  But before that step, I had a little bit of an accident that we won’t be telling the husband about.  While I was trying to remove the succulent from the pot it was originally planted in, soil spilled EVERY WHERE.


But back to planting the succulents, here is the final project.

Planting Succulents in a Terrarium

I also got a cactus while I was at the nursery.  We won’t even go into how bad repotting a cactus is…  Let’s just say I had numerous needles in my hand that I kept finding for a couple of days.  Ouch!  But I do love my little cactus.


Succulents and cactuses only need watered once every couple of weeks.  However, I am real good at over doing going above and beyond, so the last succulent I had did not live very long because I over watered it.  I am going to try my best to neglect my succulents and cactus and hopefully, they will last longer.

Here are some other gardening posts you can read:  Container Gardening and a Herb Garden.

Do you all have any indoor plants?  Succulents?  Cactuses?  Do you all have any tips for raising succulents and cactuses?  Have you ever tried to replant a cactus?  Did you have needles in your hands for days?

A Cute Way to Keep Cards Organized

I love snail mail!  Everyday, I skip excitedly check the mail for cards!  I send cards for all family birthdays and holidays.  Bottom line…  Mail is the best.

That being said, I have a lot of cards just sitting around creating a cluttered mess.  I decided it was time to tackle those bad boys and get them organized!  First thing I did was to sort them into what year they were received.  I Anything earlier than 2011, I had a hard time remembering what year they were received, so I just put those all together.  I also separated all the cards from my bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding to put them in a book all by themselves.

Organizing Cards

I wanted the cover and the back of the book to be chipboard, so it would be hard and sturdy.  I searched Hob Lob  and Michaels for a pack of chipboard either 8.5×11 or 12×12, but I couldn’t find it.  So I used a couple of pieces from a pack leftover from one of our wedding crafts.  I cut each piece out into a 8.5×11; then, I cut it in half long ways.

Cutting Chipboard

Then, I used acid free double-sided tape all around each piece of chipboard I cut.  And put a piece of scrapbook paper over the tape and cut it around the chipboard.

Taping Chipboard

Putting Scrapbook Paper On

Then, I took a blue stamp pad and smeared it on the sides of the chipboard, so they were blue instead of cardboard color.  (If you do not have a day to let it dry, I would skip this step.  It takes forever to dry.)

Painting Sides of Chipboard

For the cover of the book, I took an “M” cutout and traced around it and cut it out to glue it on the cover.

Tracing an M

Gluing an M

Then, I took a stack of cards and punched a hole in them. I did it one card at a time.  I only used two of the hole punches. I just centered each card by eye balling it and punched the hole.

Punching Holes in Cards

Then, I took Binder Clips from Staples and put each cover and card through them.  The last step, I added some scrap ribbon to finish them off and viola, you have a cute book of cards!

Cute Way to Store Cards

Do you love snail mail like me?  Do you keep all of your cards or toss them?  I just can’t bare to throw them all away since I love mail soo much.

Fav 5-Shopping Must Haves

On Friday’s I am going to take a break from DIYing and organizing and give you guys a fun, little roundup.  This week it is going to be 5 things I am digging, shopping edition!

My Fav 5-Shopping EditionTop:  I love this rug from Urban Outfitters.  It would look perfect in the craft room.  It is bright and fun yet has a nice, neutral background that isn’t white.  (White doesn’t last long with two puppies in this house.)  Middle:  I am in love with The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy.  Her prints are reasonably priced, bright, and cute!  This is one of my favorite prints because of the trendy Ball Mason Jar and the bright, colorful flowers.  I think this print would look great in our guest bathroom because it has the same country chic look that I am trying to accomplish.  Bottom left:  I have been having pain while running because I run on the sides of my feet.  I figured it was about time I bought some fancy, smancy running shoes to help combat this problem.  Seriously, the moment I tried on these Saucony Ride 5 shoes, my foot instantly stopped hurting.  And they are lightweight which is another plus when I am looking for running shoes.  Bottom center:  I love J. Crew’s Crystal Circle necklace, but do not want to spend $135 on a necklace.  Therefore, I squealed in delight when I found this necklace on Etsy for the much more reasonable price of $19.  Talk about a steal!  Bottom right:  I love West Elm!  Love them!  Their larger pieces are a bit out of my budget, but the smaller pieces are more sensible and even have free shipping sometimes.  These ikat bowls are my favorite thing from the spring line.  I could see these all over our apartment corralling random items.  Update:  These may or may not (totally may) be on their way to me right now.  They went on sale this week, so I scooped them up!  But act fast, one of the prints I wanted was back ordered until July 6!!

What are you guys shopping for?  Do you love any of my must haves?  What are your plans for the weekend?

I Love Me Some Ombre

Two things I love:  Bower Power and YoungHouseLove’s Pinterest Challenge and DIY Ombre Art!  This is my first time participating in their challenge, but I have read about them since the beginning.

So here are my supplies:


11×14 canvas, a large paint brush (I alternated between 2–a 1″ and a 1 1/2″), a tiny paint brush, a tube of color paint and a tube of white paint, something to mix the paint on, water, paper towels

The first stripe is just the color by itself without any white mixed in.

First Stripe

I did not measure out the width of my stripes; I just eyeballed how wide I wanted each shade of color.  Make the stripes much wideer than you think you should.  The stripe above is much too small in my opinion afterwards.

Then, I squirted a drop of green in seven different places on a painters palette extra lid from the kitchen.  I made all the squirts about the same size except the last two, which should be a bit smaller.  Then, I went back and squirted one drop of white paint on the first green squirt.  Then, the next green squirt, I added two drops of white and so on.

Colors Ready to Mix Colors All Mixed

I mixed each one with a smaller brush as I went along.  After it was mixed, I used a larger brush and overlapped the stripe over the previous stripe.

Mixing with smaller brush.

And here is the final project!!

DIY Ombre Art

It is going to go into the craft room, but not just yet.  I still need a few more pieces to go with it.

Budget Breakdown

  • 11×14 canvas (Hob Lob sells them in 2 packs for $7.99 and I used my 40% off coupon)–$2.50
  • a package of acrylic paint (I only used 2 tubes though)–$7.00
  • 3 paint brushes (1″, 1 1/2″, and a smaller brush)–already owned $0.00

Total:  $9.50

What do you all think?  $9.50 for a customized piece of art is not bad.  I love it!  Are you all participating the YoungHouseLove and BowerPower’s Pinterest Challenge?  You should do it!  No project is too big or too small and it will get you to stop pinning and start doing!  Have you ever made any of your pins?  How did they turn out?  Have you ever tried painting your own artwork?  Do you have any tips?

Oh, and here is the original pin.

And, this post has been linked on:  Young House Love, Bower Power, Decor and the Dog, and The Remodeled Life.

Making the Most of Your Coat Closet

Hello readers!  After a LOOONG hiatus, I am back!  I missed you all and I can’t wait to inspire you with even more DIY projects for your apartment or house!

First things first…  Our lease is up in April.  We contemplated about buying a house or continuing to lease for a while.  However, for our current situation, we felt it was best to continue renting.  But we have pretty much outgrown our two bedroom apartment, so that meant we I was going to have to get serious about organizing!  I can’t stand clutter and not having a place for everything is about to make me lose my mind!

So that brings us to today’s post…  How to create a mudroom without a mudroom.

Seriously, the first thing both my husband and I do when we get home is drop everything off on the breakfast bar and bar stools.  It is the first surface when you walk in the door, so everything ends up there.

Well not anymore folks…

I took full advantage of every nook, cranny, and vertical space in our lovely coat closet.

Making the most out of your coat closet.

But, like the wonderful blogger I am, who takes almost a year-long hiatus, I do not have a before picture for you.  But picture fabric bins stacked on top of each other and a general mess.  So the first thing I did was get rid of the fabric bins since they do not stack nicely.  I bought one of those plastic, three drawer bins for Wal-Mart to corral my mittens, hats, and scarfs.  I used one of the leftover fabric bins to store my husband’s winter wear since he does not have as much.

Lucy posing with the mittens, scraves, and hats.

Lucy posing with the mittens, scarves, and hats.

The other culprit cluttering up the bar stools were my bags.  I hull a purse, lunch box, and gym bag to work every day, so I would just toss them on the bar stools when I got home for the day.  To prevent this, I bought two Command Hooks that hold up to 10 pounds for my gym bag and lunch box.  They now have nice little hooks on the inside of the coat closet door.  Unfortunately, my purse weighs more than 10 pounds most days, so I just rest it on the floor next to the winter weather accessories.

Bag Storage

And you can see behind my purse is the gift wrapping storage.

And you can see behind my purse is the gift wrapping storage.









The offender of cluttering up the breakfast bar were keys and mail.  They have now found new homes in little bins.  The keys are in a basket on the entry table.  And the mail’s new home will be in a letter holder on a book case nearby once I find the perfect mail holder.  So here it is again, my lovely, organized coat closet:

Making the most out of your coat closet.

Making the most out of your coat closet.

How about you guys?  Do you sit down everything on the first empty surface you see when you walk through the door?  How do you keep clutter from piling up everywhere?

I linked this post on Our Fifth House Clean It Link Party.

Making a Window Frame a Bulletin Board

Way back in November, I purchased this window frame with the idea to make it into a bulletin board for my desk in the bedroom.  The paint already matched perfectly, so I was excited I did not have to paint it.  But like many projects, it got pushed to the side with the wedding planning, wedding, and school.  It did not get touched again until a month ago.  At that time, I made the hubs hang it up because it had been sitting in the hallway for almost 5 months now and I was tired of having it take up space on the floor.  So then, it sat on the wall untouched for about a month.  But not anymore, I finished the project over the weekend!

So here is the original window frame hung up, but untouched:

window frame, bulletin board, diy

I bought this pack of cork board from Michaels:

window frame, bulletin board, diy

It came with 4 squares of cork board and some adhesive stickers.

Next, I measured a few of the window frames.

window frame, bulletin board, diy

They all seemed to be the same size, so I cut all 4 squares of cork the same size.  To mark where I needed to cut, I used a Sharpie.window frame, bulletin board, diy

Then, I tried several different methods to cut the cork board from children’s scissors, craft scissors, and an Exacto knife…  The Exacto knife cut the best, so I cut the cork board with that.  And I just sort of eye balled cutting a straight line with the two marks I made to mark the measurements.

window frame, bulletin board, diy

The cut did not go all the way through the cork board, so I bent the cork in half along the cut to completely separate the cork board.

window frame, bulletin board, diy

Then, as I mentioned earlier, the pack of cork board only came with 4 squares, but I had 6 window panes to cover.  So I used my scraps to make the other two pieces of cork.

window frame, bulletin board, diy

The first thing I did was cut off the long skinny piece and tossed it.  Then, I was left with 4 rectangles the same size.  I took 2 and put them together with the 2 sides that were not cut touching each other because they were smooth and would glue together better. window frame, bulletin board, diy

Then, I used a piece of cork board that was already cut as a guide and I cut these two pieces.

window frame, bulletin board, diy

Then, I glued them together with glue.  I used Beacon’s Advanced Craft Glue because I had it on hand and I find it works on everything.

window frame, bulletin board, diy

And just pressed the two pieces together for a few minutes until they were secure.

window frame, bulletin board, diy

Then, I didn’t want the seam to show, so I used leftover fabric from the curtain and pillow projects I did in the bedroom to cover 3 pieces of cork, including the 2 ones made out of scraps.  I just laid the piece of cork on the fabric and glued the edges of the fabric down on the back of the cork.

window frame, bulletin board, diy

Then, I took all 6 of my pieces of cork and put the little sticker adhesive that came with the package on all four corners and stuck them each in a window pane.window frame, bulletin board, diy

And here is the finished bulletin board:

window frame, bulletin board, diy

And the Budget Breakdown:

  • Window Frame-$11
  • Cork board package-$6.60, regulary $11 with 40% off coupon
  • Fabric-$0, leftover from other projects

Total:  $$16.60

What do you think?  I think it turned out great!  I can’t wait to pin a bunch of stuff up there.  Have you guys made a bulletin board lately?  Or made a window frame into something else?  I love the window frame trend and seeing what everyone is making them in to!

Napkins and Table Settings

On Monday, I talked about how we received new plates as a wedding gift and how I wanted to make beautiful table settings to match, so I made a table runner and placemats.  All that is left now is napkins.

So, I picked out my fabric.  It is a lighter, cotton fabric, so it was pretty see through.  I decided to double up the fabric instead of just hemming the edges (Although, that is much easier to do, so if you are thinking about making napkins, look at picking out heavier fabric that is not see through.).  So instead of cutting out 8 pieces of fabric, I doubled up the fabric by folding it over and I cut through 2 pieces of fabric at a time, so I only had to cut 4 times.

sewing, napkins

I had a store-bought napkin already, so I used that to measure out my cuts.  I left a little extra room on the sides for the seam.  I just eye balled it, but it should be around a 1/2″.

sewing, napkins, diy

sewing, napkins, diy

I cut out four of those.  The particular fabric I used did not have a front or a back that I could tell, so I just pinned them as I cut them.  But if your fabric has a pretty side, make sure to pin the pretty sides facing each other.

sewing, napkins, diy

*Normally, I iron and pin at the same time, so I did to make these napkins.  But when I pulled the fabric through to flip it right side out, it got really wrinkly, so I had to iron again.  So, save you a step and do not iron now. 

So, then, I sewed all four sides leaving a tiny opening on one side to pull the fabric through.  The opening should be big enough to pull fabric through without ripping any seams, but not too big because you will have to blind stitch it later.

sewing, napkins, diy

And here I am pulling the fabric through the hole to turn it right side out:

sewing, napkins, diy

Be sure to make sure all of your corners are lying flat.  I just stuck my finger in each corner to make sure all the fabric was lying flat.

Then, I ironed out all the wrinkles from flipping it right side out.  Be sure to iron the seams, so they lay flat and the iron a crease where the hole is to help you when you get to blind stitching.

sewing, napkins, diy

And now it is time for the blind stitch.  This was only my second time doing a blind stitch and it was a little easier since the fabric was thinner, but I am still no expert, so I will leave it to WikiHow to help you again:

sewing, napkins, blind stitch, diy

And here is my blind stitch:

sewing, napkins, diy, blind stitch

Much better than last time, but still could use a little work.  And here is the final product:

sewing, napkins, diy

I promise the napkins are not as school bus yellow as they come out in the pictures.  They are more of a soft, pastel yellow.

And the Budget Breakdown:

  • 2 yds 44″ fabric-$8, $4 per yard
  • 2 packages of D-rings for napkin holders-$2, $1 per pack of 4
  • ribbon for napkin holders-$0, already owned

Total:  $10 for 4 napkins

And here is the reveal of our lovely table settings for our new plates!!!

sewing, placemats, napkins, diy

sewing, placemats, napkins, diy

sewing, placemats, napkins, diy

What do you all think!?  I LOVE it and so does the hubs!  Since we bought the dining room table, we have never ate there, but I definitely see dinner there at least once a week now!  Have you guys made a table setting recently?  Do you make them for every season and holiday or just one for all year round?  This is the first one I have made, but I would definitely like to start doing them for every holiday too!

Making Placemats

As one of our wedding gifts, we received new dishes!  They are lovely and beautiful and I thought what better way to show how lovely and beautiful they are than by creating a beautiful table setting to match.  I had already made a table runner earlier, so all I needed was some placemats and napkins.  First up, placemats.

When I first got my sewing machine a few years ago, my mom printed me out directions on how to sew placemats from a blog she follows:  Stone Gable.  So, I dug out those instructions  and gathered up all my supplies and I was ready to start.

The first thing I did was fold my fabric in half.  The placemats are reversible, so you will need 2 pieces of fabric for each placemat.  So instead of cutting out 8 pieces of fabric, I folded the fabric in half and just cut through 2 pieces of fabric at a time, so I only had to cut 4 times.  Then, I marked the measurements out on the fabric (14.5 x 22″).

sewing, placemats, diy

The puppies even helped me measure everything out.

sewing, placemats, diy, puppies

Stone Gable said to cut 14.5 x 22″and with a 1/2″ seam it would make them 13.5 x 21″.  However, once I cut my first one out, I realized that was just too long for what I wanted.  So, I cut one 14.5 x 20″ and compared the two to see which one I liked best.

sewing, placemats, diy

I decided to go with the 14.5 x 20″ because I liked the look better and our table is smaller, so it would fit better as well.  So I trimmed 2″ off the first one I cut and cut all the rest 14.5 x 20″.

A tip to cut straight lines is to use tile grout as a reference.  Just line up your marks you made with the grout and cut inside the grout.sewing, placemats, dit

After all 4 placemats (8 pieces of fabric) were cut, I was ready to pin them together.   Pin the fabric with the two pretty sides facing each other.  *There is no need to iron your fabric at this point because when you flip the fabric, so the right side is facing out, it will just get wrinkly again.*

sewing, placemats, diy

Then, it is time for the sewing machine.  Sew a 1/2″ seam on all four sides.  However, I did not measure it out , I just eye balled it.

sewing, placemats, diy

Be sure to leave a tiny opening on one of the sides.  It should be big enough to pull the fabric through, but not too big because you will have to blind stitch it by hand later.

sewing, placemats, diy

Then, pull the fabric through that hole.  I did not get any pictures of this step because it is really a two hands process, but you will want to make sure not to pull too hard and rip any of your seams.

Now, the fabric is ready to be ironed.

sewing, placemats, diy

Be sure to iron the seams, so the placemat lays flat and also, iron a seam where the hole is to make it easier when you blind stitch it.

So, I keep talking about this blind stitch step.  This was my first time doing it.  I just got over my fear of my sewing machine, but still have very little experience sewing anything by hand, so I am not an expert at blind stitching nor very good at it.  So that being said, I will not try to give you instructions on how to do it.  However, I will give you the instructions I used from WikiHow:

sewing, placemats, diy, blind stitch

Here is my completed blind stitch:

sewing, diy, placemats, blind stitch

So it is not too pretty and I can most definately use some practice, but as long you dont look at that one corner, my placemats look pretty good!

sewing, placemats, diy

Budget Breakdown:

  • 2 yds of 54″ wide drapery fabric-$14, $7 per yard

Total:  $14 for 4 placemats

So what do you all think?  Have you tried blind stitching before?  Blind stitching and I just did not get along!  Do you have any tips?  Do you make your placemats or do you always purchase them?

*I will be back on Wednesday with the how to make the napkins and the reveal of our table setting!!

First Dance Art

I have seen this project idea all over Etsy and Pinterest and fell in love with it.  However, certain stores on Etsy were starting at $75 for the size I wanted or for around $25 you could get the print with the lyrics and your picture, but then you would have to go buy the frame still.  So I thought I bet I can do that for much less.

The first thing I did was pick out the frame.  I waited until Hobby Lobby was running their 50% off wall frames sale and then, I went frame shopping.  I thought a 16×20” frame with an 8×10” picture would be too big and I would not have enough lyrics to fill the mat, so I decided to go with this 15×17” frame with a 5×7” picture.

wedding, first dance, diy, michael buble, wall decor

Once I got home, I decided how big I wanted my words to be printed on the frame.  I decided about a ½ inch would be enough room for me to write the words big enough to read and enough to fill up the mat.  So, I marked each ½ inch all the way down the mat on both the left and right sides and down the middle very lightly in pencil.

wedding, first dance, michael buble, diy, wall decor

wedding, first dance, wall decor, diy, michael buble

Then, I started off writing the lyrics very lightly in pencil as well.  But I could quickly tell that plan was not going to work.  The pencil was smudging all over the place and once it smudged it did not erase as easily, so I scrapped that idea shortly into the project.

I erased one word at a time and then rewrote the word with a fine tip scrapbook pen.  Since it was a scrapbook pen, it was acid free and should not harm the picture over time, so my grandkids should be able to enjoy this little project.

wedding, first dance, michael buble, diy, wall decor

Here is a picture of the mat once I was done adding all the lyrics:

wedding, first dance, diy, michael buble, wall decor

I made so many mistakes writing those lyrics.  I had forgotten the word “falling.” However, I noticed it by the time I had only written one more word, so I thought it couldn’t be that bad if I whited out just one word.  And unless you get up close and personal with the frame, you can’t really notice it either.

Then, I missed the word “swimming.”  You think I would have learned my lesson after the first time!  But this time, I did not notice it until I had written, like, an additional 3 whole lines worth of words, so I decided to live without swimming.  We will just have to deal with, “You’re like a pool on an August day,” instead.  It is still the same idea and looks better than 3 lines whited out.

And, I am a little upset with how the lyrics written on the part of the mat where the picture is cut out turned out.  My straight lines get all sorts of funky during that section.  So a tip for those of you trying to recreate this project would to be mark ½ marks along the inside of the mat where the picture cut out is too.

And then, towards the end, the chorus repeated itself, so I got confused where my place was when I was writing the lyrics and wrote the wrong chorus, but it turned out for the better because it helped fill out all the mat with lyrics.

So after I finished with the lyrics, I taped my picture to the back of the mat with four pieces of tape.  I used scrapbooking tape because it touches the picture so you want to make sure your tape is acid free, so it doesn’t ruin the picture overtime and you can keep this project for years to come.  And then, I put it in the frame.

When I turned it around to look at it, I realized I had made yet another mistake and one that is definitely noticeable to everyone and not just those who know the correct lyrics!  I used the entire mat when writing the lyrics on it; however, a slim amount of the mat is covered by the frame when it is in the frame, so a part of my lyrics are halfway covered in certain spots!  So if you are going to try this project yourself, please mark how much of your mat is covered when inside the frame, so you do not make the same mistake!

So here is the finished project:

wedding, wall decor, first dance, michael buble, diy

wedding, wall decor, michael buble, first dance, diy

And here is the budget breakdown:

15×17” frame-$14, regularly $28, but they were having a 50% off sale

8×10” picture-$1.50

Scrapbook pen-free, already owned

Total: $15.50, much less than what they were going for on Etsy!

I am a little upset with how it turned out.  I still like it because it reminds me of our lovely wedding day and how much time we spent rehearsing our first dance, but I wish part of the lyrics weren’t covered.  If it starts to bother me too much, I can always go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and buy a piece of mat board and have it cut down to the size I need and redo the project.  And even if I buy more mat board, it will still be less than what it would have cost on Etsy!  I think I will live with it for a while and see how much it still bothers me overtime before I redo it.

What do you all think?  Should I redo it?  What do you all do with your wedding pictures to display them?  Do you do anything special or just a wedding album?  What was your first dance?  Ours was Michael Buble Everything!  Love that song!

*You can check out how I saved sentimental items from our wedding and put them in a shadow box here