Paint Chip Art

I like this project for two reasons.  One, it was pretty much free art (I just had to purchase the frame).  Two, it was a project from my favorite DIY blog, YoungHouseLove.

Here is the inspiration for my project from YoungHouseLove:

diy, paint chip art

So the first thing I did was grab my big purse and head to Wal-Mart.  I felt like I was stealing, but the paint chip samples are totally free, so I stuffed as many as I could in my purse.

After I got home I laid them out.  I chose yellows, greens, blues, and purples to match our bathroom, where I decided to hang it.

diy, paint chip art

The chips got a little messed up in my purse, so I separated them out by color.

diy, paint chip art

As you can see in the picture above, the paint chips I picked up needed to be trimmed a little on the top because it had the paint name and a lot going on the bottom because it had the Better Homes and Garden logo and a punch out circle.  So, I cut the bottom part off on all the paint chips first with a paper-cutter.

diy, paint chip art

Then, I went through and cut the top part off of all the paint chips with the paper-cutter.  I just eye balled the cuts, but made sure it was still bigger than I actually needed it to be, so I had wiggle room when taping them on the paper later.

diy, paint chip art

Next, I had to get my paper ready that I was going to tape the paint chips too.  My frame was 17×11.  I had a hard time picking out my frame because an 8×10 frame was too small for the art and a 16×20 frame was too big for the wall I wanted it on, so we ended up picking 17×11 frame.  So since the frame was 17″ tall, I taped 3 pieces of printer paper together.

diy, paint chip art

Afterwards, I took the color piles and put each color in the order I wanted them in for my paint chip art.  I started by taping the darkest yellow chip in the bottom, left corner of the piece of paper with a loop of scotch tape on the back of the paint chip.  Then, I continued taping all the yellow paint chips down.  Then I repeated that for all the green, blue, and purple paint chips.

After I finished the purple paint chips, I ran into a problem.  The piece of art was not 11″ wide, so there would be a sliver of white showing once it was framed.

diy, paint chip art

That is where those scraps I cut off each paint chip came into play.  I took all my purple scraps and cut a little sliver from the bottom part and taped it to my art to extend its width.

diy, paint chip art

And here is the final result:

diy, paint chip art

diy, paint chip art

And the budget breakdown of my almost free project:

  • Paint chips–free
  • 11×17″ frame–$13.50, originally $30 with a 40% off sale and a 25% off coupon


What do you all think?  Have you made any free art recently?  Or any other free projects?  I love free!!


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