Rain, Rain, Go Away, So I Can Make My Herb Garden Today

I planned to do this project last week, but we got so much rain last weekend that I could not finish the project.

Here is my inspiration for the project from The Robin’s Nest:

The Robin's Nest

Last week, I started the project by spraying the inside of the terra-cotta pots with Thompson Water Seal for Multipurpose.

herb garden, diy, chalkboard paint

Here is a picture of the pots all laid out after I sprayed them with the water sealer.

herb garden, diy, chalkboard paint

It says to wait 24 hours to apply a second coat, so I figured that was the appropriate amount of time to wait before applying the chalkboard paint.  But by the time 24 hours passed, it was poring down rain, so I had to wait almost a week.

So almost a week later, I used Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint on the pots.

herb garden, diy, chalkboard paint

I laid them all out on a box, so they were elevated so they could get a more even coat and grass would not get in the way.  *In the picture below, one of the pots already has its first coat.*

herb garden, diy, chalkboard paint

Here is what the pots look after the first coat.

herb garden, diy, chalkboard paint

The can of spray paint said it took two coats before a chalkboard finish is created, so here is the second coat.

herb garden, diy, chalkboard paint

Then, I planted one herb in each pot.

herb garden, diy, basil, thyme

The herbs I chose were basil and thyme because they seem to be the herbs I use the most.  If you need directions on how to plant a flower or herb check out my post on Container Gardening.

The final step, write on my chalkboard pots with chalk and a little accessory!!

chalkboard paint, herb garden, diy

I am a little disappointed with the final product, but I  think a lot of it is due to I am a newbie at spray painting.  From this far away, they do not look too bad, but up close, the paint job is a little uneven.  There were several tips on the can that I should have taken more seriously.

  • Remove all dirt.  I just wiped the inside of the pot I already had, but I did not touch the outside of the pot.  Nor did I touch, the new pot I bought.  Additionally, both of them had stickers on them and I only removed the sticker; I did not take time to remove the sticky left behind.
  • Apply thin coats. I have a hard time remembering that when it comes to paint, less is more.  Puddles and drips are definitely not a good thing when it comes to spray painting and I had some puddles and 1 drip.

I think listening more closely to both of these steps would help make my paint job more even and smooth, so be sure to pay close attention to the directions on the can of spray paint.

And the Budget Breakdown:

  • 1-6″ terra cotta pot-$0, already owned
  • 1-6″ pot-$1.48
  • 1 terra cotta saucer-$1.25
  • 1 saucer-$1.48
  • 1 plant of basil-$4
  • 1 plant of thyme-$4
  • 1 can of Thompson’s Water Sealer for Multi Surface-$5
  • 1 can of Kyron Chalkboard Spray Paint-$4.80, regularly $8 with 40% off coupon

Total:  $22.01

What do you all think?  Do you have any tips for spray painting?  I think I am going to bring these in during the winter and keep them in a window seal.  Do you keep a herb garden all year round?  I have never done that before, so do you have any tips on how to grow fresh herbs all year long?


5 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away, So I Can Make My Herb Garden Today

  1. Love those pots! Very cute. You’re going to love having fresh herbs in your cooking. I do have a herb garden going all year round and I’m learning about it as I go – I’ve blogged recently about collecting parsley seeds and am going to start trying out various methods of getting seedlings to flourish using them. I grow basil seasonally, I have a rosemary hedge, garlic chives, regular chives, a thyme bush and mint. One tip for if you’re going to get a mint plant growing in the ground, plant it in a pot with the bottom cut out or else it will spread everywhere!

  2. I think they turned out REALLY cute! I had to coat my pots with a gray primer first and I think that was the big ticket to them turning out super smooth. BTW: We are having some major rain here in Seattle too this week so I’m staying inside and painting mason jars~:) Thanks for linking back to me!

    • Aw, thank you! And painting mason jars sounds like a fun project… I’ll have to check out your blog again soon! Thanks for letting me use your picture again!

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