Napkins and Table Settings

On Monday, I talked about how we received new plates as a wedding gift and how I wanted to make beautiful table settings to match, so I made a table runner and placemats.  All that is left now is napkins.

So, I picked out my fabric.  It is a lighter, cotton fabric, so it was pretty see through.  I decided to double up the fabric instead of just hemming the edges (Although, that is much easier to do, so if you are thinking about making napkins, look at picking out heavier fabric that is not see through.).  So instead of cutting out 8 pieces of fabric, I doubled up the fabric by folding it over and I cut through 2 pieces of fabric at a time, so I only had to cut 4 times.

sewing, napkins

I had a store-bought napkin already, so I used that to measure out my cuts.  I left a little extra room on the sides for the seam.  I just eye balled it, but it should be around a 1/2″.

sewing, napkins, diy

sewing, napkins, diy

I cut out four of those.  The particular fabric I used did not have a front or a back that I could tell, so I just pinned them as I cut them.  But if your fabric has a pretty side, make sure to pin the pretty sides facing each other.

sewing, napkins, diy

*Normally, I iron and pin at the same time, so I did to make these napkins.  But when I pulled the fabric through to flip it right side out, it got really wrinkly, so I had to iron again.  So, save you a step and do not iron now. 

So, then, I sewed all four sides leaving a tiny opening on one side to pull the fabric through.  The opening should be big enough to pull fabric through without ripping any seams, but not too big because you will have to blind stitch it later.

sewing, napkins, diy

And here I am pulling the fabric through the hole to turn it right side out:

sewing, napkins, diy

Be sure to make sure all of your corners are lying flat.  I just stuck my finger in each corner to make sure all the fabric was lying flat.

Then, I ironed out all the wrinkles from flipping it right side out.  Be sure to iron the seams, so they lay flat and the iron a crease where the hole is to help you when you get to blind stitching.

sewing, napkins, diy

And now it is time for the blind stitch.  This was only my second time doing a blind stitch and it was a little easier since the fabric was thinner, but I am still no expert, so I will leave it to WikiHow to help you again:

sewing, napkins, blind stitch, diy

And here is my blind stitch:

sewing, napkins, diy, blind stitch

Much better than last time, but still could use a little work.  And here is the final product:

sewing, napkins, diy

I promise the napkins are not as school bus yellow as they come out in the pictures.  They are more of a soft, pastel yellow.

And the Budget Breakdown:

  • 2 yds 44″ fabric-$8, $4 per yard
  • 2 packages of D-rings for napkin holders-$2, $1 per pack of 4
  • ribbon for napkin holders-$0, already owned

Total:  $10 for 4 napkins

And here is the reveal of our lovely table settings for our new plates!!!

sewing, placemats, napkins, diy

sewing, placemats, napkins, diy

sewing, placemats, napkins, diy

What do you all think!?  I LOVE it and so does the hubs!  Since we bought the dining room table, we have never ate there, but I definitely see dinner there at least once a week now!  Have you guys made a table setting recently?  Do you make them for every season and holiday or just one for all year round?  This is the first one I have made, but I would definitely like to start doing them for every holiday too!


3 thoughts on “Napkins and Table Settings

  1. I love your table settings. They look great! I especially like the coordinates… good color and pattern combinations. Instead of struggling with the blind stitch, maybe you could pin the turn hole closed then top stitch all the way around. You could use either matching thread or a contrasting color to contribute to the design.

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