I’m a Succa for Succulents

A couple of years ago, I was at a flea market buying stuff for our upcoming wedding.  However, my purchase wasn’t big enough to use my debit card, so I decided to buy a terrarium.  I was eyeing it but decided against and when my total was not enough, I decided it was a sign, so I bought it.  Previously, we had it filled with candles.


I did not particularly like it, so I decided to make it into a terrarium with succulents.  I picked up two succulents from a nursery in town.


I let them sit and sit while I waited for the river rocks to go on sale at Hob Lob.  Apparently, the river rocks keep the roots from rotting.  Well, the rocks never went on sale, so I had to go everyday after work and buy one bag at a time with their 40% off coupon.  Yes, I am that cheap frugal.

River Rocks

I used three bags of these 3lb bags of small river rocks from Hob Lob.  Since no one would be able to tell the level of rocks in the center once I covered it with soil, I pushed a majority of the rocks to the outside of the terrarium, so the rock level looked higher than it actual was.  In hind sight, I should have used more rocks.

Terrarium with Rocks

Then, I poured the soil into the terrarium.


And finally, I planted the succulents.  But before that step, I had a little bit of an accident that we won’t be telling the husband about.  While I was trying to remove the succulent from the pot it was originally planted in, soil spilled EVERY WHERE.


But back to planting the succulents, here is the final project.

Planting Succulents in a Terrarium

I also got a cactus while I was at the nursery.  We won’t even go into how bad repotting a cactus is…  Let’s just say I had numerous needles in my hand that I kept finding for a couple of days.  Ouch!  But I do love my little cactus.


Succulents and cactuses only need watered once every couple of weeks.  However, I am real good at over doing going above and beyond, so the last succulent I had did not live very long because I over watered it.  I am going to try my best to neglect my succulents and cactus and hopefully, they will last longer.

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Do you all have any indoor plants?  Succulents?  Cactuses?  Do you all have any tips for raising succulents and cactuses?  Have you ever tried to replant a cactus?  Did you have needles in your hands for days?


Paint Chip Art

I like this project for two reasons.  One, it was pretty much free art (I just had to purchase the frame).  Two, it was a project from my favorite DIY blog, YoungHouseLove.

Here is the inspiration for my project from YoungHouseLove:

diy, paint chip art

So the first thing I did was grab my big purse and head to Wal-Mart.  I felt like I was stealing, but the paint chip samples are totally free, so I stuffed as many as I could in my purse.

After I got home I laid them out.  I chose yellows, greens, blues, and purples to match our bathroom, where I decided to hang it.

diy, paint chip art

The chips got a little messed up in my purse, so I separated them out by color.

diy, paint chip art

As you can see in the picture above, the paint chips I picked up needed to be trimmed a little on the top because it had the paint name and a lot going on the bottom because it had the Better Homes and Garden logo and a punch out circle.  So, I cut the bottom part off on all the paint chips first with a paper-cutter.

diy, paint chip art

Then, I went through and cut the top part off of all the paint chips with the paper-cutter.  I just eye balled the cuts, but made sure it was still bigger than I actually needed it to be, so I had wiggle room when taping them on the paper later.

diy, paint chip art

Next, I had to get my paper ready that I was going to tape the paint chips too.  My frame was 17×11.  I had a hard time picking out my frame because an 8×10 frame was too small for the art and a 16×20 frame was too big for the wall I wanted it on, so we ended up picking 17×11 frame.  So since the frame was 17″ tall, I taped 3 pieces of printer paper together.

diy, paint chip art

Afterwards, I took the color piles and put each color in the order I wanted them in for my paint chip art.  I started by taping the darkest yellow chip in the bottom, left corner of the piece of paper with a loop of scotch tape on the back of the paint chip.  Then, I continued taping all the yellow paint chips down.  Then I repeated that for all the green, blue, and purple paint chips.

After I finished the purple paint chips, I ran into a problem.  The piece of art was not 11″ wide, so there would be a sliver of white showing once it was framed.

diy, paint chip art

That is where those scraps I cut off each paint chip came into play.  I took all my purple scraps and cut a little sliver from the bottom part and taped it to my art to extend its width.

diy, paint chip art

And here is the final result:

diy, paint chip art

diy, paint chip art

And the budget breakdown of my almost free project:

  • Paint chips–free
  • 11×17″ frame–$13.50, originally $30 with a 40% off sale and a 25% off coupon


What do you all think?  Have you made any free art recently?  Or any other free projects?  I love free!!