A Cute Way to Keep Cards Organized

I love snail mail!  Everyday, I skip excitedly check the mail for cards!  I send cards for all family birthdays and holidays.  Bottom line…  Mail is the best.

That being said, I have a lot of cards just sitting around creating a cluttered mess.  I decided it was time to tackle those bad boys and get them organized!  First thing I did was to sort them into what year they were received.  I Anything earlier than 2011, I had a hard time remembering what year they were received, so I just put those all together.  I also separated all the cards from my bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding to put them in a book all by themselves.

Organizing Cards

I wanted the cover and the back of the book to be chipboard, so it would be hard and sturdy.  I searched Hob Lob  and Michaels for a pack of chipboard either 8.5×11 or 12×12, but I couldn’t find it.  So I used a couple of pieces from a pack leftover from one of our wedding crafts.  I cut each piece out into a 8.5×11; then, I cut it in half long ways.

Cutting Chipboard

Then, I used acid free double-sided tape all around each piece of chipboard I cut.  And put a piece of scrapbook paper over the tape and cut it around the chipboard.

Taping Chipboard

Putting Scrapbook Paper On

Then, I took a blue stamp pad and smeared it on the sides of the chipboard, so they were blue instead of cardboard color.  (If you do not have a day to let it dry, I would skip this step.  It takes forever to dry.)

Painting Sides of Chipboard

For the cover of the book, I took an “M” cutout and traced around it and cut it out to glue it on the cover.

Tracing an M

Gluing an M

Then, I took a stack of cards and punched a hole in them. I did it one card at a time.  I only used two of the hole punches. I just centered each card by eye balling it and punched the hole.

Punching Holes in Cards

Then, I took Binder Clips from Staples and put each cover and card through them.  The last step, I added some scrap ribbon to finish them off and viola, you have a cute book of cards!

Cute Way to Store Cards

Do you love snail mail like me?  Do you keep all of your cards or toss them?  I just can’t bare to throw them all away since I love mail soo much.


Making the Most of Your Coat Closet

Hello readers!  After a LOOONG hiatus, I am back!  I missed you all and I can’t wait to inspire you with even more DIY projects for your apartment or house!

First things first…  Our lease is up in April.  We contemplated about buying a house or continuing to lease for a while.  However, for our current situation, we felt it was best to continue renting.  But we have pretty much outgrown our two bedroom apartment, so that meant we I was going to have to get serious about organizing!  I can’t stand clutter and not having a place for everything is about to make me lose my mind!

So that brings us to today’s post…  How to create a mudroom without a mudroom.

Seriously, the first thing both my husband and I do when we get home is drop everything off on the breakfast bar and bar stools.  It is the first surface when you walk in the door, so everything ends up there.

Well not anymore folks…

I took full advantage of every nook, cranny, and vertical space in our lovely coat closet.

Making the most out of your coat closet.

But, like the wonderful blogger I am, who takes almost a year-long hiatus, I do not have a before picture for you.  But picture fabric bins stacked on top of each other and a general mess.  So the first thing I did was get rid of the fabric bins since they do not stack nicely.  I bought one of those plastic, three drawer bins for Wal-Mart to corral my mittens, hats, and scarfs.  I used one of the leftover fabric bins to store my husband’s winter wear since he does not have as much.

Lucy posing with the mittens, scraves, and hats.

Lucy posing with the mittens, scarves, and hats.

The other culprit cluttering up the bar stools were my bags.  I hull a purse, lunch box, and gym bag to work every day, so I would just toss them on the bar stools when I got home for the day.  To prevent this, I bought two Command Hooks that hold up to 10 pounds for my gym bag and lunch box.  They now have nice little hooks on the inside of the coat closet door.  Unfortunately, my purse weighs more than 10 pounds most days, so I just rest it on the floor next to the winter weather accessories.

Bag Storage

And you can see behind my purse is the gift wrapping storage.

And you can see behind my purse is the gift wrapping storage.









The offender of cluttering up the breakfast bar were keys and mail.  They have now found new homes in little bins.  The keys are in a basket on the entry table.  And the mail’s new home will be in a letter holder on a book case nearby once I find the perfect mail holder.  So here it is again, my lovely, organized coat closet:

Making the most out of your coat closet.

Making the most out of your coat closet.

How about you guys?  Do you sit down everything on the first empty surface you see when you walk through the door?  How do you keep clutter from piling up everywhere?

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