I Love Me Some Ombre

Two things I love:  Bower Power and YoungHouseLove’s Pinterest Challenge and DIY Ombre Art!  This is my first time participating in their challenge, but I have read about them since the beginning.

So here are my supplies:


11×14 canvas, a large paint brush (I alternated between 2–a 1″ and a 1 1/2″), a tiny paint brush, a tube of color paint and a tube of white paint, something to mix the paint on, water, paper towels

The first stripe is just the color by itself without any white mixed in.

First Stripe

I did not measure out the width of my stripes; I just eyeballed how wide I wanted each shade of color.  Make the stripes much wideer than you think you should.  The stripe above is much too small in my opinion afterwards.

Then, I squirted a drop of green in seven different places on a painters palette extra lid from the kitchen.  I made all the squirts about the same size except the last two, which should be a bit smaller.  Then, I went back and squirted one drop of white paint on the first green squirt.  Then, the next green squirt, I added two drops of white and so on.

Colors Ready to Mix Colors All Mixed

I mixed each one with a smaller brush as I went along.  After it was mixed, I used a larger brush and overlapped the stripe over the previous stripe.

Mixing with smaller brush.

And here is the final project!!

DIY Ombre Art

It is going to go into the craft room, but not just yet.  I still need a few more pieces to go with it.

Budget Breakdown

  • 11×14 canvas (Hob Lob sells them in 2 packs for $7.99 and I used my 40% off coupon)–$2.50
  • a package of acrylic paint (I only used 2 tubes though)–$7.00
  • 3 paint brushes (1″, 1 1/2″, and a smaller brush)–already owned $0.00

Total:  $9.50

What do you all think?  $9.50 for a customized piece of art is not bad.  I love it!  Are you all participating the YoungHouseLove and BowerPower’s Pinterest Challenge?  You should do it!  No project is too big or too small and it will get you to stop pinning and start doing!  Have you ever made any of your pins?  How did they turn out?  Have you ever tried painting your own artwork?  Do you have any tips?

Oh, and here is the original pin.

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