My Fav 5–Target Window Shopping

Guess what day it is!?  IT IS FRIDAY!!  Today, I am back with the latest things I am digging from Target.  Normally, I try to avoid Target like it is the flu or else my wallet will be hurting, but I couldn’t resist…  I had to stop by to check out dang Nate Berkus and his dang spring line…  That is what we call a rocking Friday night at my house!

Target Window Shopping

Top: I am in LOVE with this Nate Berkus Gold Leaf Tray.  In fact, I went to Target for the sole purpose of buying this bad boy, but alas, it was too big for the space I wanted it for.  But someone really needs this golden leaf at their house so I can come visit him!  Center:  I love this Ikat Lampshade….  So much so, I am trying to think of a way to convince my husband we need a new lampshade, which would consequently make us need a new lamp base.  When I think of the perfect plot, I will let you know!  Bottom Left:  Instead of the gold leaf, I brought home this Nate Berkus Gold Dipped Bowl.  It has two trends:  gold and color blocking.  Who wouldn’t love it besides my husband!?  And it was the perfect size for what I wanted (It is now our mail bowl to put the mail into before I sort it).  Bottom Middle:  This Nate Berkus Nepal Chevron Bedding is too fun.  And of course, I love any graphic pattern, especially chevron!  This would look great in someone’s bedroom with moody grey walls.  Bottom Right:  And like everything else on the list, I love this basket.  We have one and it is just the perfect basket to store soo much in, since it is pretty large in size.  Seriously, pick this thing up and then you can find something to organize to go in it.

Have you checked out Target’s new spring stuff or Nate Berkus’ Spring Line?  Do you have to go straight to a Target store once you hear Nate Berkus has released another line?  On a side note, did you know Jonathon Adler is coming up with a line a JC Penny?  This girl will also have to rush there the day it comes out to drool ogle over.


Fav 5-Shopping Must Haves

On Friday’s I am going to take a break from DIYing and organizing and give you guys a fun, little roundup.  This week it is going to be 5 things I am digging, shopping edition!

My Fav 5-Shopping EditionTop:  I love this rug from Urban Outfitters.  It would look perfect in the craft room.  It is bright and fun yet has a nice, neutral background that isn’t white.  (White doesn’t last long with two puppies in this house.)  Middle:  I am in love with The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy.  Her prints are reasonably priced, bright, and cute!  This is one of my favorite prints because of the trendy Ball Mason Jar and the bright, colorful flowers.  I think this print would look great in our guest bathroom because it has the same country chic look that I am trying to accomplish.  Bottom left:  I have been having pain while running because I run on the sides of my feet.  I figured it was about time I bought some fancy, smancy running shoes to help combat this problem.  Seriously, the moment I tried on these Saucony Ride 5 shoes, my foot instantly stopped hurting.  And they are lightweight which is another plus when I am looking for running shoes.  Bottom center:  I love J. Crew’s Crystal Circle necklace, but do not want to spend $135 on a necklace.  Therefore, I squealed in delight when I found this necklace on Etsy for the much more reasonable price of $19.  Talk about a steal!  Bottom right:  I love West Elm!  Love them!  Their larger pieces are a bit out of my budget, but the smaller pieces are more sensible and even have free shipping sometimes.  These ikat bowls are my favorite thing from the spring line.  I could see these all over our apartment corralling random items.  Update:  These may or may not (totally may) be on their way to me right now.  They went on sale this week, so I scooped them up!  But act fast, one of the prints I wanted was back ordered until July 6!!

What are you guys shopping for?  Do you love any of my must haves?  What are your plans for the weekend?